Hatcher Prichard Architects in Bristol and Cardiff

Hatcher Prichard Architects is a commercial architectural practice, which offers a full range of architectural services from its offices in Bristol and Cardiff. Led by its founding directors Simon Hatcher and Shaun Prichard, the practice has a growing reputation for design quality combined with a strong sustainability ethos. It is chartered by the Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA), and affiliated to the Royal Society of Architects in Wales (RSAW).

Bristol Free School Marketing Photoshoot for Simon Hatcher RIBA,

The practice has a highly inclusive design process that incorporates contributions from the full spectrum of client stakeholder groups plus engineers, specialist consultants and contractors. Sketches, physical models and computer generated images are all produced to thoroughly test ideas, in order to reach well considered, practical solutions that exceed client’s expectations. The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) throughout the practice then ensures that each project is robustly analysed and detailed before it is carefully constructed.

The Starfish Pool, John James Building, Claremont School, Bristo
Briarwood SEN School Post 16 Centre Photoshoot for Hatcher Prich
Bristol Free School Marketing Photoshoot for Simon Hatcher RIBA,
Bristol Free School Marketing Photoshoot for Simon Hatcher RIBA,
Bristol Free School Marketing Photoshoot for Simon Hatcher RIBA,
Bristol Free School Marketing Photoshoot for Simon Hatcher RIBA,

Hatcher Prichard Architects is a market leader in the design of educational buildings, with a proven track record of well received schools for pupils of all age groups, both mainstream and those from the full spectrum of SEN disabilities. In recognition of this specialism, the practice is currently commissioned by the RIBA publishing department to write a reference book for architects, designers, and other built environment professionals, empowering them to think in an informed way about the many considerations needed when designing for the diverse and often competing needs of children with disabilities.

The practice believes that an architect must be a good listener, genuinely consultative, and relentlessly iterative in understanding and interpreting the client’s vision. It understands that great architecture comes from a strong collaboration between a creative design team and an engaged client, and it seeks to involve the whole community in each design in order to generate an excitement in the project which results in ownership of every new building.