Alison Ewins – Head Teacher

We worked with Simon from Hatcher Prichard Architects on the design of a hydrotherapy pool for our secondary aged students. This is on a shared campus with a mainstream secondary school, in a residential area of north Bristol.

As a very inexperienced Design Team we needed the support from an architectural team who could not only provide quality plans at the end of the process but ensure that the design process was fully inclusive and gave a wide range of people including our pupils the chance to take part. Simon and Shaun managed this very well and the process as well as the end product has been fantastic.

Initially we were more confident about what we didn’t want than what we did want and Simon and Shaun supported us with ideas, visits and images which helped clarify our thinking. They took a very ‘can do’ approach and their previous experience was invaluable. They have been very professional in their approach to our project and really enthusiastic about involving the students from our school and our partner school.

We have been kept well informed of all developments and consulted appropriately about any potential changes or issues. The process was paced well to both accommodate our need to move the project forward and yet give everyone a chance to really feel involved.

We have really enjoyed working with Simon and are extremely pleased with the outcomes of the project.

Head Teacher for Claremont School