Colin Belford – Headteacher

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shaun Prichard over a period of about 4 years.  We were granted target capital formula which was used to rebuild and refurbish parts of our 50 year old school, an investment of about £8M.

Architecturally we were impressed at the time with the designs and subsequently we have loved working in the environments he designed.  The finished site comprises buildings from the 1960s to the present day with four phases in between.   The final design ties these together and makes sense of what was previously a random collection of unrelated blocks. 

As end users we were fully involved in all parts of the process from design to commissioning and our views were always heard and acted upon – even when it involved a rethink.  Shaun’s interpersonal skills enabled him to work effectively with students, staff and governors alike; from my own perspective I felt that I was in genuine partnership with Shaun.

I commend Shaun and his work to you and would be happy to be contacted for further information or to show you around our wonderful buildings.

Headteacher for Archway School