Ian Duncan BSc. MSc. CEng. FIStruct.E. – Senior Member of Civil Engineering Department

Simon is a key member of a team of Architects and Engineers selected when I instigated the program “Engineer Architecture” at the University of Bristol. The aim has been to cultivate Renaissance engineers empowered with the tools they need to blossom within the modern building design team.

Simon was a natural choice as twelve years ago he made a beautiful model of the reconstruction of the new office interior for the company I founded, Structures One. The eighteen engineers and helpers who work there now continue to enjoy the space that he designed.

Simon’s freehand sketching sessions have made the students look at things with great attention, and allowed them to rapidly and confidently pass design ideas back and forth. The Faculty Heads, as well as myself, have been thoroughly impressed with these sessions which have been running now for six years. I hope that these sessions will become a permanent part of the second year under-graduate programme as there is no doubt in my mind that all of the students have benefited from Simon’s valuable contribution.

University of Bristol
Senior Member of Civil Engineering Department for Timber Engineering / Engineering Architecture